Tuesday, 15 May 2018


Yesterday evening we drove down to Worsley Court House to Talk The Walk to a ladies' club.

As usual, the talk went down very well and we met some splendid people, who gave us a great welcome.

As is frequently the case, before I was due to speak, they had a meeting about their own business. It was clear that they had £300 swishing about, which had been destined for a charity which had somehow or other disappeared. They had a vote about which other charity to send this money to and decided on a specific one.

When I had finished my talk, they had another huddle and overturned the previous decision and instead gave the money to me, for Pancreatic Cancer UK.

The speaker fee and some individual donations meant that we came away from the meeting with a good £375 for PCUK's vital work in funding research to try to find a cure and a better way of diagnosing this dreadful illness.

This second phase of my fundraising now stands at more than 118% of the target I set, and I am still more than two years early.

Next gig, Clitheroe U3A, in early June. Open to the public.

The photo of Worsley Court House is by Barrie Priice - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=30680194

Wednesday, 25 April 2018


Talked The Walk to Reading U3A on Monday, at a church which stands virtually next to The Blade - the tallest building in Reading.
Raised nearly £200 and spread some awareness for Pancreatic Cancer UK.
I have now raised 111% of my fundraising target and am still over 2 years early.
We travelled south on Saturday and spent the weekend with our good friends the Kings. In keeping with this royal theme we took a trip over to Windsor on Sunday. This place was very crowded with tourists, more than usual lured out by an untypically warm day. It was also rather alarming - one doesn't really expect to see machine guns in the street in UK (at one point I was within a few yards of four machine gun-toting police). It could never happen here, they used to say!

Monday, 2 April 2018



If my mother were still alive she would have continued with "... An Old Rugged Cross" - one of her favourite songs, and one played at her funeral.
But last Tuesday Gay and I travelled to The Hut on the Hill, at Parbold, to give a talk to Parbold U3A. This went down very well. The audience seemed to find it very entertaining, I autographed several books, and funds were raised for Pancreatic Cancer UK.
We just had time for tea and a tabnab at a lovely cafe in the village before we had to travel across to Blackburn, the land of my father, to give a similar talk (no two talks are exactly the same but they are all about my 70-day walk from SW France to NW England) to the recently formed and very go-ahead Blackburn Bees WI branch. We were enthusiastically received there as well.
For the day's work, we raised £300 for the vital work of PCUK, had a great time, met some lovely people, and hopefully entertained them for a couple of hours. They said we did, anyway.
Yes, we can come to you also. Just holler!

Monday, 19 March 2018


Accrington Town Hall

Saturday evening Gay and I arrived home from a week's walking holiday in Fort William, Scotland. No snow up there, except on the mountain tops.
Barely time to sleep and get ourselves ready, then Sunday morning we were out walking all day with our Rambling Club. My failing eyesight led me to a damaged ankle. I carried on walking but the ankle was like a balloon when we arrived home.
No time to get that seen to this morning because we were due in Accrington at 9 am to Talk The Walk to Accrington Probus Club, at Accrington Town Hall. In other words, I was due to limp about, talking about having done a 9,000-mile walking project. Would you believe me?
That went very well, as usual, we met some excellent people, raised another £111 for the vital work of Pancreatic Cancer UK, and moved on to 105% of my fundraising target, with more than 2 years to go. I have talks booked well into next year, so things are looking good.
At the Probus club, one of the audience approached me and said that this was the third time he had seen me perform and another said it was the second time. We now have to consider producing t-shirts for these groupies 
Onwards and upwards. Next week we have two talks in one day. One of these will have us home late in the evening and the next day we start out early on the four-day Lancashire Coastal Walk (if the ankle injury permits).
Contact me if you would like me to speak to your club or group.
By the way, all parking seems to be free in Accrington, including the multi-storey at the Arndale Centre.

Thursday, 22 February 2018


I have been extremely lax in keeping this blog up to date, although the fundraising has continued unabated. In fact, I notice my last post celebrated the fact that I had reached 50% of my target. But this month I achieved the target and am now nudging 104%. The target, set for my 80th birthday, has been hit two and half years early - where will it all end?

A talk staged by Preston Tangent club in the Lytham Ecopod (pictured above) raised a whopping £665. Comments by the attendees are pleasing in that they show that these events are not gloomy talks about a dreadful illness but are entertaining talks about a huge endeavour, the talks interrupted by much laughter, applause and, in this case, free drinks.

Here is one quote, "Fantastic evening Vic Heaney. Very interesting, informative & funny ... an amazing achievement by you & Gay for a much needed cause. I've started the book! x"

As usual, I had taken an attache case filled with copies of my book "Vic's Big Walk from SW France to NW England". I sold and signed every single copy and had to deliver more after the event.

Also this month I have given the same talk to a Rotary Club and a Women's Institute branch. I will talk to anybody - just contact me at victalksthewalk@gmail.com.

Friday, 10 February 2017


My fundraising for Pancreatic Cancer UK took a couple of giant leaps forward today and I have almost reached the halfway point to my target of £8000.
This morning I gave my talk to the Probus Club of St Annes on the Sea. Speaker fee, individual donations, and sales of signed copies of my books pulled in the splendid total of £224.40.
Just time for lunch at the excellent Vinyl Groove Cafe in Lytham, then it was over the road to the Clifton Arms Hotell.
Here I spoke again, this time to LSA & District Conservative Ladies Tea Club. Their contributions came to £148.30.
Both groups clearly enjoyed my talk. I enjoyed giving it, and the total for the day, now gone to Justgiving, on the way to Pancreatic Cancer UK, was a magnificent £372.40.
Not a bad days work, and much done on raising awareness of this dreadful illness and the desperate need for a cure.
Tomorrow I have another talk, this time in East Lancashire.
I have many bookings for this talk in 2017 but I have capacity for more if your club or group is interested. I also have other talks up my sleeve. Contact me for details.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017


January 17th and already I have Talked The Walk to 4 different organisations and raised £338 for Pancreatic Cancer UK, plus I have helped to increase awareness of this terrible illness and the need for a better diagnosis and an effective treatment.

Talks so far this year have been to a WI, a Probus, a U3A and a Ladies' Church Fellowship.

I have many more talks scheduled but have capacity for many more than that. There are so many organisations needing regular speakers. Every presentation I make seems to be regarded as informative and entertaining. At the same time, each appearance helps this vital cause.

Contact me.