Friday, 29 April 2016

Vic's Big Stumble

VIC'S BIG STUMBLE - Coastal Way Plus Coast to Coast
Gay and I will be walking the Lancashire Coastal Way (a four day walk from Freckleton to Silverdale) in early May 2016, followed by Wainwright's Coast to Coast Walk (14 days) starting on June 1st. Both events are part of our fundraising efforts for Pancreatic Cancer UK and if you would like to help you can donate on this page:
The Coastal Way is largely flat, after negotiating the first tricky few miles along the river bank, but the Coast to Coast is much more arduous, going over the Lake District, the Pennines and the Yorkshire Moors. As I am now officially sight impaired, this will be extremely interesting - I can not walk along a pavement without falling over the hills, and Gay has to point the kerbs out to me.