Thursday, 17 March 2016


The picture shows Nikki Carter, of 2am, handing over to me the magnificent roll-up banner designed and produced for me by that company as part of their sponsorship of my fundraising.

The banner is to be used at a new offshoot of my fundraising program, in which I do book signings without an accompanying talk. For instance, on Sunday 3rd April I will have a stall at the tabletop sale organised by J&L Events at Newton with Scales Village Hall. I expect to do more such events and will be probably also be found in supermarket foyers, et cetera. Possibly also "busking" in the street. At all these events I will be available to chat about my walks, my talks and my fundraising. And to sign copies of my books.

My fundraising activities are not confined to the Fylde. I have done talks in Cheshire, Yorkshire, Middlesborough and have been asked if I would go to Reading and other "foreign parts".

Please contact me for details.

Sunday, 13 March 2016


Since the last post I have continued to present talks to Probus Clubs, Rotaries, et cetera. I have more lined up, including  several more library talks. Every event raises awareness and funds for the vital work of Pancreatic Cancer UK.

I am also branching out in another direction. I have been asked to take a stall at table-top sales. In fact Gay and I did one, but we felt we needed something to attract people to talk to us. At events like these, I am not giving a talk but rather sitting there with copies of my books - and information about Pancreatic Cancer UK - on a table, and talking to people who come up, about the books, about pancreatic cancer. Some people will take a signed copy of one of the books (knowing that every penny is a donation to PCUK), some will take information about the appalling plague which pancreatic cancer is, and some will give me a lead or even a date for a talk to their club or group. Some will walk on, which is fine.

Clearly we could do more such events, or do the same thing, by arrangement, in supermarket foyers, shopping centres, car boot sales, maybe even in the street.  But as I said, we needed something to attract the punters. Some time ago I homed in on the idea of one of those roll-up banners but they are rather expensive to have designed and produced.

Now have kindly offered to make such a banner for me and it is pictured above. It is about 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide. We will be going to their offices on Tuesday for the handover. I am very grateful to them and hope the collaboration will do good things for both their company and for Pancreatic Cancer UK.


At the age of 70 I walked from the French Pyrenees to Blackpool.

I then wrote a book about the walk.

I wrote another book, about the 8 years Gay and I lived in Cyprus.

I give talks about the walk project.

All of this to raise funds for Pancreatic Cancer UK. ALL proceeds of my books also go to PCUK.


Contact me for a signed copy of either book or to arrange a talk for your club or any other gathering.

Signed copies of the books are also available at any of my talks.
Get an e-version of either book from Amazon Kindle or iBookstore, Kobo or any of the main e-book websites.
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