Monday, 12 December 2016


We sold a sofa recently. I know, I know - we haven't been here five minutes but we just couldn't get on with it. A lovely couple came across from Yorkshire to collect it. We had a chat about this and that, how we spend our time in retirement, et cetera. And of course, I didn't miss a chance to talk about my fundraising activities.

Before they left, Don said he would like a copy of my book "Vic's Big Walk". I signed it and handed it over. "How much?" he said. "A minimum of £15 for a signed copy," says I, "It is a donation to Pancreatic Cancer UK, every penny goes to them".

He started to get out his wallet, which was surprisingly not empty, as they had already paid for the sofa. I told him I would prefer it if he paid it online, at

because then we would get Gift Aid as well.

Two days later, nothing! I wondered if he had forgotten to make the donation. Then I got the email notifying me that Don and Lesly had made a donation of £100, plus £25 Gift Aid!

How about that? You don't have to pay that much, and if you insist on having the e-version, you can get that at Amazon Kindle, iBookstore, Kobo, et cetera, for less than you would pay for a visit to Starbucks.

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