Tuesday, 19 July 2016


I thought that headline would grab your attention. But it's true, unexpected things can happen in the oddest places.
A few weeks ago, I had just completed a spinning session or some such at the local YMCA and had gone to take a shower on the premises. There was another chap in there, of about my age. We got to talking about exercise and of course I didn't fail to mention that I had done a 9,000 mile walking project and that I had written a book about this and that I frequently gave illustrated talks about it, all to raise funds and awareness for Pancreatic Cancer UK.
He said, "Do you have a card? My wife's group are always looking for speakers and this sounds right up their street!" Of course, although I try to always carry my "Vic Talks The Walk" cards, ready for opportunities like this, I had to restrain my eagerness until I was dried off and back to my clothes. Things moved quite rapidly, within a day or two it was all arranged, and last Tuesday evening I gave the talk to the ladies and raised a bit more money for the cause.
Most of my talks are to closed groups like this, but don't forget there is a public "Vic Talks The Walk" at St Anne's Library, on the Fylde Coast, at 7 pm on Friday 29th July.

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